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This website provides information on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in Thailand. It is a source of information for IPM trainers, extension workers and farmers, but it also provides valuable information for consumers. Some pages are included specifically for children and school teachers. 

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What is IPM?

Provides a few definitions and a brief introduction to the concept of IPM and an introduction to the four principles of IPM.

IPM components

These pages introduce the various cultural, mechanical, biological and chemical methods that a farmer can use to manage crops and pests.

Natural enemies

Information on important natural enemies, especially those that are mass produced in Thailand for use as bio-control agents.


Information for a number of vegetable and fruit crops in Thailand including IPM guidelines. 


Provides information on pesticide hazards, a database on synthetic pesticides and biological pesticides in Thailand, information on risk reduction, and alternative pest control methods.

Safe food

Information on safe food and the various logos that are used in Thailand to label pesticide-safe and organic agricultural products.

IPM for kids

These pages are designed to educate children on the environmental aspects of agriculture. They can learn about crop ecology, the nature of pests, hazards caused by pesticides and safe alternatives that are available. Links to other children websites are included.

Farmer Field Schools for IPM

Learn more about how Farmer Field Schools (FFS) are used to educate farmers about IPM. These pages contain a collection of suggestions to refresh the memory of FFS facilitators who graduated from a season-long IPM Training of Trainers course.


A collection of links to other IPM related sources of information on the internet.


A list of technical words and terms related to Integrated Pest Management.

Download documents

Some training manuals can be downloaded here.



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